Clinical Forensic Medicine


I work as a Forensic Physician for the States of Jersey Police and the Metropolitan Police Service. In these roles I examine detainees for their fitness for detention and fitness for interview. I examine adults and children for signs of injury. I undertake Forensic Medical Examination of victims of rape or sexual assault.

I examine those suspected of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

I am called to scenes of sudden death to pronounce life extinct and to provide a forensic medical evaluation of the circumstances.


Expert Witness


I have been instructed by the General Medical Council, States of Jersey Police and Advocates acting for the prosecution and defence in Jersey and Guernsey.


Interpretation of injuries


Forensic Physicians have undergone training and acquired experience working as a Forensic Medical Examiner that qualifies them to proffer expert opinion on the nature and causation of injuries.  Consequently, a report written by a Forensic Physician will use the correct terminology and discuss the mechanism of the cause and age of injuries as well as discussion orientation and likely position of victim or assailant identifying those injuries that are incurred when the recipient adopts a defensive posture.

As an expert witness my opinion concerning the interpretation of injuries has been sought in cases of domestic violence and assault; as well as the influence of alcohol on the accused and complainants of assault.


Death following contact with police 

Forensic Physicians working in Custody suites provide medical care to detainees and advising the Custody Sergeant on fitness to detain or interview.  Many detainees are vulnerable often with medical conditions that are poorly managed in the community or dependency on alcohol or drugs. 

Deaths in custody are rare but when they do occur they are investigated by the IPCC and the Forensic Physician involved is frequently referred to the General Medical Council. 

I have been instructed by the GMC in connection with three case of death following detention in police custody, reviewing the level of care provided by the Forensic Medical Examiner and the Custody Officers involved in the case.




My reports are produced with a detailed analysis of the case and where injuries have been sustained an interpretation of their forensic significance.  




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Jersey Magistrates Court


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Academic and Teaching 


States of Jersey Police 


Custody Officers training


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Metropolitan Police Service

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